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What Is The Average Cost Of A Wheelchair ?

Wheelchairs are of great importance to people who find it hard going from one place to another. When people lose their ability to move from place to place whenever they want, purchasing a wheelchair may not be a happy thought. One may see wheelchairs as an object that limit people’s abilities and hinder them from taking part in those daily activities as they once did. 

Yet, with changes in technology, there are a lot of modifications that accommodate a wheelchair user both when sitting in the chair and in public and other establishments. And there are accessories such as that of the portable wheelchair ramps that allow wheelchair users to overcome obstacles such as stairs. A wheelchair doesn’t have to make life difficult or more challenging – it can actually make those difficult things a lot easier. 

As soon as the wheelchair user accepts the fact that his mobility depends on a wheelchair, the next thing to think of is the price of a wheelchair. It may look like a very expensive chair, but what it offers to a user is of great value and is worth every penny. In order to have a clear understanding of wheelchair prices, we have made this information page that contains the prices of different wheelchairs to help wheelchair users and caregivers to make the right choices.  

Wheelchairs And There Prices

Wheelchairs can be found in a wide range of different categories made to fit any budget and any need. Let us check out the following wheelchairs and their prices.

1. Transport Wheelchairs

Transport chairs are very light — you can find some that weigh just 14Ibs. They are also cheap, the chair is best for short trips as it makes transportation a lot easier for everyone. The cost of this wheelchair is much lower than most of the other wheelchairs on this list as it is one of the simplest models available. 

Buying this wheelchair from a trusted retailer will cost you $80-$2,000 for each chair. However, on the low side, you can buy a basic transport wheelchair for $89. This version is very basic, including just armrests, footrests, handles for caregivers, and the actual upholstered chair. Because this wheelchair model does not contain all these extra features, it is more affordable when compared to others. If you need a wheelchair to meet your transport needs, this could be a great option.

However, on the high side, a standard transport wheelchair cost about $2,000. A transport chair this expensive will come with as many state-of-the-art features as possible, including maneuverability, high-grade materials, ease to use, and top comfort. 

2.  Manual Wheelchairs

The manual wheelchair category contains many other subcategories. You will find the transport wheelchair to belong to this category, but for clarity sake, we have decided to discuss on each of them. Under manual wheelchairs, you will find that there include options of standard weight, lightweight, reclining, rapid ultra lightweight, folding lightweight, heavy duty, and many more.

Manual wheelchairs differ from one another, and the manual push nature is the major component that differentiates it as a category. Apart from that, they are all designed to meet different needs. For instance, the Medline Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is designed for people who travel a lot but don’t want to depend on a caregiver or friend to push them around. For other people, they might want a heavy duty manual wheelchair. 

The cost of a manual wheelchair will however, be very low as long as it does not come with any special features. Among manual wheelchairs, you will find just a few different models. The average cost of a regular wheelchair is $250. These wheelchairs are weighty. They are designed to last much longer and do much more than the transport wheelchairs. 

Another wheelchair under the manual wheelchair category is the folding lightweight chair. The price of this chair ranges from $500-3000. These chairs are more costly because of their portability which makes traveling very easy. The portability of these chairs comes from their lightweight building materials that are more expensive than the standard kind.

Let’s not forget about the heavy duty manual wheelchairs. These are designed for larger or heavier people who need a bit more support and space to be comfortable. The price of a heavy-duty wheelchair is higher when compared to standard weight chairs but a bit less when compared to ultra lightweight chairs. A heavy-duty chair cost around $400 for one with less features, but could cost about $3000 for one with extra features. A wheelchair this expensive will be accompanied with fancy features such as full portability, a self-propel mechanism, among others. 

3.  Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs, sometimes referred to as electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, power scooters, or power chairs, are battery-powered wheelchairs that let them to be functional by navigating a joystick or pushing a button located on one end of the armchairs. These types of chairs are good for those who have no mobility in their limbs and also for those who don’t love relying on caregivers or friends to get them around. You can find lightweight power wheelchairs and heavy duty ones as well.

Power wheelchairs may be hard to operate and control at first, but with practice it will become easy. It is crucial to bear in mind that a power chair might not be a great option for one who plans on using a wheelchair for the first time. The power wheelchairs have high comfort level. 

The electric or power wheelchairs, with all their high-level power options and sophisticated functions, are understandably more expensive than the manual wheelchairs. A standard electric wheelchair cost around $1500-$9000, based on its features. The more sophisticated they are, the more expensive they will be.

4. Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are specifically made for children. Young children have more needs than an average adult, and so do these wheelchairs. They are usually designed in a sleek and more colorful way so as to be attractive to young children. It is never fun when a young child has to spend his or her childhood in a wheelchair, but it becomes a bit comforting when their chair looks nice to them. Typically, they are made to be lightweight and functional, so they can help to transport young children and maneuver them through tight spaces.

The pediatric wheelchairs are adjustable. Since kids grow so fast, a chair with great versatility, seat adjustments, and leg rests will make the wheelchair last much longer so it can still be around even as the child grows.  

When compared to power or adult wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs aren’t entirely different in terms of features. They may have some other colorful design or be designed to be pleasing particularly to young ones, but the standard features also apply as well.

The cost of a pediatric wheelchair ranges from $300-$3000. Because they’re made to grow side by side with their user. They have certain adjustable features that make them more expensive than an average adult wheelchair. They are also expensive because of their lightweight. It is still possible to buy a pediatric wheelchair for as low as $300 but it might not come with certain features.  

5. Sports Wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs take a person’s mobility to a whole different level. Sports wheelchairs let the physically disabled to take part in sport activities that require certain mobility, ability, and speed. For an increased stability, the chair do not fold. They are made differently, particularly for a given sport to meet certain demands of the game.

These types of wheelchairs are not really designed for everyday use. They are nimble and give their users great control for tricky maneuvers, turning, speeding up, and stopping.

Sports wheelchairs are built with special features that help a user to keep living an active life. Often, they come with a frame of super lightweight metal, creating room for agility and speed. 

Within the wide range of sports wheelchairs, there include chairs made for bicycling (referred to as handcycles, hand powered), beach wheelchairs, tennis courts, and all other terrain wheelchairs. Ensure to first check out the features you need before making a purchase. 

Among the most expensive wheelchairs is the sports wheelchair. This is so because of the many additional features that come with it. As discussed earlier, sports wheelchairs are designed using the lightest materials with certain components designed to aid in agility, stops, turns, speed, and other athletic activities. Sports wheelchair cost around $1500-$4000.


Wheelchairs have helped a lot in transforming the lives of people all over the world. It has made so many people who were stagnant to become mobile again. 

Prices of wheelchairs differ – sometimes greatly – depending on the material, features, purpose, and add-ons. While you can find a less expensive wheelchair, this may only be possible when it is bought from a black market or bought secondhand. For best results, it is important to buy a wheelchair from a trusted source with good ratings, reviews, and products.

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