Wheelchair Tennis Rules

Wheelchair Tennis Rules Wheelchair tennis as a Paralympic sport follows the Olympic tennis rules and regulations; however, the wheelchair version has one crucial difference. The rules of a wheelchair tennis game are actually very simple! There is just a single difference when compared to the able-bodied tennis: players are permitted

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Wheelchair Basketball Rules

Wheelchair Basketball Rules There are many different rules for wheelchair basketball and most of these rules are a bit different from those of the able bodied basketball. The rules devised by the International Basketball Federation are utilized, with little changes to show the use of a mobility device as defined

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Wheelchair Rugby Rules

Wheelchair Rugby Rules Rugby isn’t just a sport for able-bodied athletes. Wheelchair rugby is a robust and popular game with simple rules for both female and male wheelchair users, most of whom have amputations, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, paraplegia, quadriplegia, or spinal injuries. Certain formats of this game

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Wheelchair Fencing Rules

Wheelchair Fencing Rules Wheelchair fencing is a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced sport. It is usually played between two fencers, either as a team event or as an individual event.  Sabre, foil and epee are modified swords and they are used in scoring points when they strike certain parts of the

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