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How Wide Is A Standard Shower Wheelchair ?

For seniors and all those with disabilities, taking a proper shower is not an easy task. Bathing is meant to be very relaxing, but sometimes, it can feel very terrifying. The possibility of slipping and getting bruises and bumps or finding yourself in a hospital can make this to be a very horrifying task. However, owning the right size of a shower wheelchair can help you stop all these from happening. 

All shower wheelchairs must be waterproof, being able to withstand water. However, it is common for shower and bathroom doorways to be narrow. The width of shower friendly wheelchairs begins at 22 inches in its overall width, but they are other models that are wider.

A wheelchair that is specifically designed for the disabled or seniors to use in the shower provides them with the required mobility to perform their daily activities even without the help of a family member, caregiver or friend, allowing them to maintain an independent lifestyle. The bathroom, however, is the most common location for falls and accidents, so most of the producers of wheelchairs have decided to add some convenience and safety measures.  

Over the years, there have been many debates about the width of a shower wheelchair. Many researches have been done; these researches have found that the width of a shower wheelchair is 22 inches. Below, we will learn more about these wheelchairs, their sizes (width) and specifications, materials and constructions, and how they can be of help to seniors and other disabled people all over the world.

What To Look For In A Shower Wheelchair

Now that you have known how wide a shower wheelchair is, let us move on to discuss about its other features that affects it width. We will cover every detail about how wide a shower wheelchair is. One very important thing you have to first consider is that you may be left with limited options when it concerns the return of a shower wheelchair. Some producers may not be willing to take them back. Or they may even go ahead to charge a shipping or restocking fee both of which are very expensive. That is why it is best for you to first review the terms and product descriptions carefully, as this will help you get the right size you want. 

Size And Specifications

Carefully consider the chair’s overall size and that of the seat as well. Most shower wheelchairs are built with seats that are 16 inches wide, while others come with an 18 inches seat. This is the generally accepted size of the standard shower chair. However, we strongly advise you to first measure it out and even compare it to a comfortable chair at home or work to know what to expect. 

Pay good attention to the overall height of the seat. This can greatly affect the way you get in and out of it, especially if you happen to have a chronic health condition that affects your mobility. Some shower wheelchairs are adjustable which makes it easy to adjust its width. Also, check to find out if the height of the armrests, backrest and footrests can be adjusted. All these can play a vital role in your ease of use and overall comfort.  

Materials And Construction

Assistive devices creates a balance between maneuverability for caregivers and durability for the chair user. When it concerns affordability and strength, stainless steel exceeds. Nevertheless, these units are very big and may make it difficult to move around on most surfaces, such as carpet. Aluminum frames are much lighter and they give a far better compromise that you can use with or without a caregiver.

Most people prefer a shower wheelchair that comes with footrests and armrests that can easily be removed to make mobility easier. However, look for a shower wheelchair that is made with padding to make things more comfortable and easy for you or a friend.  Materials such as polyurethane offer a lot of cushioning that prevents water and helps with better sanitation.

It is true that the width of a shower wheelchair matters a lot, but having one with removable backrests allow the user to easily and quickly carry out tasks. Take a good look at the design of the seat as well. Less expensive shower wheelchairs may have hard rubber or plastic or lack the proper padding. While completely comfortable, they may not last long and may make you spend a lot on repairs. It may also create problems for those with mobility issues since it prevents flexibility.


A shower wheelchair that you can make use of when you are in the bathroom will help you in solving the many problems of mobility and all other challenges that come with disability. Most producers go through length with that product that shows attention to detail with special features that make them much more secure to enable its user feel more safe when using them. Having a shower wheelchair is an excellent way of carrying out your daily activities in an independent manner. 

The shower wheelchair is made for safe and easy transport to and from the bathroom. It is often made with a non-corrosive, anodized aluminum frame construction that does not rust. It also plays the role of a commode chair which rolls easily over few toilets. The shower wheelchair comes well equipped with rear wheel safety to aid maneuverability in tight spaces and 5″ swivel casters. 

If you have mobility problems, please do not risk your health. For ease and comfort, use a bath chair or shower wheelchair. There are many different types and sizes of shower wheelchairs; you will find some to be wider than others. You will be happier if you choose one that meets all your shower needs.

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