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    Wheelchair Paralympic Sports After World War II, based on the needs of a huge number of injured civilians and ex-officers, the wheelchair Paralympic sports were introduced as an essential part of rehabilitation. These sports turned into recreational sport activities and later became competitive sports for those with physical disabilities.  WHEELCHAIR
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    What Is The Difference Between A Transport Chair And A Wheelchair ? A transport chair is a light mobility device specially made to be pushed only from behind. A wheelchair on the other hand, can either be propelled forward by its user or pushed from behind by a caregiver or
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    How Do You Help Someone In A Wheelchair? If you are a carer looking after a person who depends on a wheelchair for mobility, knowing the right ways to help them in and out of their wheelchair can sometimes be tricky. Wheelchairs can be awkward and unwieldy to move from
    How To Make Wheelchair More Comfortable Wheelchair is an important equipment which is meant for individuals who find difficulty in walking, such as disabled subjects and seniors. According to research, the human body is not supposed to sit in a particular position for more than a day, which is why

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