• Can You Take a Power Wheelchair on a Plane? A lot of people with disabilities keep asking if they can travel by air with their power wheelchairs. The answer is yes, you can take a power wheelchair on a plane. Nevertheless, there are some crucial things to take into consideration,
  • How Wide Is A Standard Shower Wheelchair ? For seniors and all those with disabilities, taking a proper shower is not an easy task. Bathing is meant to be very relaxing, but sometimes, it can feel very terrifying. The possibility of slipping and getting bruises and bumps or finding yourself
  • How Many Types Of Wheelchairs Are There ? A wheelchair is a mobility device that comes with a chair mounted on two or more wheels and a locking mechanism. This mobility device is primarily made for transporting the injured, ill, or other individuals with limited mobility. Whether you are in
  • How Wide Is A Transport Wheelchair ? Transport wheelchairs are mobility chairs (usually lightweight) that combine the portability of a rollator with the function of a wheelchair. The overall width of a transport is 22” and 10” when folded. These chairs are designed to be pushed by a caregiver or

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