• Can You Push a Power Wheelchair ? While having a power wheelchair implies that its owner can move it electronically, you may also need to push the chair someday to transport yourself. To make sure that your power wheelchair is in its best condition for you to use whenever you
  • Can Electric Wheelchairs Get Wet ? Yes and no. As a regular electric wheelchair user, you’ll occasionally get trapped in the snow or rain and be left with no other option but to go through large puddles. The exposure to such environment cannot be controlled since weather change rapidly in
  • How Do You Adapt to Life in a Wheelchair When we talk about disability, we often think that those affected were born with different disabilities. Nevertheless, statistically, more than eighty percent of individuals with a disability were actually born without it, and this means that they will have to spend
  • Is Wheelchair Assistant at the Airport Free? Sometimes, you might need assistance to catch your flights. Perhaps you have a disability that makes walking impossible or you just got out of surgery. You may have had an accident a day or two before your flight, making the walk around the

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